A Worm’s Home

This summer, we have been performing a brand new show at family festivals – A Worm’s Home! William Warbuton the Worm is very happy in his flowerpot, munching on soil and watching the world go by… until one day a big nasty storm knocks over his home and leaves him stranded…

Join this little Worm on his journey, as he meets some roly poly Woodlice, an excellently camouflaged Stick Insect and a bossy Landlady-bird. We invite children and their families to get involved, with actions, songs and dressing up, to help the little Worm find a new home, overcome obstacles and make new friends.

Meet the cast!

Festival Photos

Past Performances

Farm Fest


Fri 26th July 17:30

Valley Fest

Hear Here

Sat 3rd Aug 11:30

I represent a theatre, school or festival - how can I book A Worm's Home?

If you’re interested in booking A Worm’s Home to your school or theatre, please check out our information pack below and get in touch. The Little Things are also available for festival workshops and events. If you represent a festival then we’d love to hear from you! 

How can I support the project?

If you’ve seen A Worm’s Home then we’d love to know what you thought. Please leave us a review on our Facebook page!

Please download our information pack to find out more about booking A Worm’s Home.