A Dog’s Brexit

The dogs of Bowwow Town are all part of the BU, aka the Bowwow Union. The kennels trade and dogs move from kennel to kennel, but this luxury comes at a price… a lot of doggie-dollar and BU rules to deal with. And so the day comes when some British Bulldogs decide they want to leave the BU. In an attempt to be re-elected, the Top Dog announces a BU ruf-erendum, where the British Bulldogs must vote in or out. And so the campaigns begin! 

Join Barney Bulldog and his family, as they squabble and disagree about which way to vote, in a Dog-Eat-Dog world where the news and media is an unavoidable influence…

A Dog’s Brexit was The Little Things’ debut show. We toured in Bristol and Bath in Summer 2018. 


Past Performances

The Mission Theatre, Bath Fringe Festival

Sat 26 May – 3pm
Sun 27 May – 1pm & 2:30pm

The Alma Tavern Theatre, Bristol

Mon 28 May – 3pm & 6pm

Easton Community Centre, Bristol

Sat 23 June – 1pm & 3pm
Sun 24 June – 3pm

Sefton Park Primary School, Bristol

Thurs 21 June 9am & 11am

When and where can I see A Dog’s Brexit?

We’re not currently planning any public performances. However, please follows us on social media to keep updated on future performances.

I represent a theatre, school or festival - how can I book A Dog’s Brexit?

If you’re interested in booking A Dog’s Brexit to your school or theatre, please get in touch. The Little Things are also available for festival workshops and events. If you represent a festival then we’d love to hear from you! 

How can I support the project?

We ran a successfully funded campaign on Kickstarter to make A Dog’s Brexit a reality. Visit our Kickstarter page to find out more about our campaign and watch the video below. The best way to support us now is to help spread the word and follow us on social media!

Our Kickstarter campaign was fully funded – many thanks to everyone who supported us!