The Little Things Theatre

Big Topics for Little Ones

The Little Things is an emerging children’s theatre company based in Bristol. We have been creating and touring our first play, A Dog’s Brexit!

We aim to create performances that feed the imagination, nourish the soul and inspire the mind, presenting current topics to young audiences in a clear and exciting way.

Our mission is to:

Feed the imagination

We want to create theatre that is engaging, exciting and educational – and most of all, fun. We want to expose the magic of live performance to fuel children’s natural creativity and imagination.

Nourish the soul

We are big believers in the importance of theatre for children. We want to ensure that theatre specifically for children continues to be made, that enriches their lives.

Inspire the mind

We aim to encourage children to think and question, creating work that will excite their curiosity and spark interest in topics they may not otherwise encounter.

Engage with current topics

By simplifying big topics, we want to ensure that everyone feels they can be involved and part of the discussion. We want to encourage a dialogue between generations and entertain both children and their parents alike.

Our debut project

A Dog’s Brexit

A Dog’s Brexit is a ‘Dr Seuss meets Animal Farm’ portrayal of Britain’s exit from the EU, filled with dogs, rhyme, songs and explanations that aim to speak directly to children.

This play is an opportunity to re-live the events that led to Britain leaving the European Union, in a light-hearted and pun-filled way. We aim to stay neutral in the argument, presenting a variety of views, offering children and their families the opportunity to reflect without necessarily having to ‘pick a side’.

“Theatre feeds the heart and nourishes the soul and enlarges the spirit … children need the arts as much as they need fresh air.”

Phillip Pullman, 2004

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