Our Supporters

We would like to share a special thanks with all those who have donated to our Kickstarter campaign which helped us set up the company and produce our first show – we are incredibly grateful for each donation so a BIG thank you to the following people:

Oliver Luddy
Lydia Forbes
Oliver Senter
Laurence Senter
Zena Neophytou
Ollie Velasco
Katie Mather
Ella Kemp
Rachel Kelly
Danny Smith
Nicole Andrews
Luce Dreznin
Avis Hunt

Dave Hunt
Kath Hunt
Mike Elliot
Katja Krebs
Sam Mallinson
David Yorke
Zachary Baeil
Hattie De Santis
Derek Gray
Tony Beaumont
Ben Osborn
Bex Harbot

Jasmin Greenland
Karen Affleck
Kate Wyver
Catherine Prior
Catherine Soar
Carlos and Irina Sandin
Archie Sample
Dennis Beverloo
Angelica MacArthur-Kline
Maureen Finch
Josh Hunter
Karen and Peter Crane
Karen Velasco


We’d also like to say thank you to The Room Above Theatre and Bristol Old Vic for their help with rehearsal space, and to James Peries & BOVTS students for their help with the script development for A Dog’s Brexit. Please take a look at our teams page for more information about our cast and crew. Snow Day is supported by Arts Council England. 

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